Welcome to Children’s Dentistry of Coffee Creek

Children’s Dentistry of Coffee Creek is a pediatric dental office in Edmond, Oklahoma that offers comprehensive dental care in a positive, kid-friendly environment. Children of all ages and needs are welcome in our office. We approach everything from a relational standpoint, with our first priority being building trust with your child to make them feel at ease when they come in for an appointment. All of our dentists are specialized in pediatric dentistry and thrive on restoring and healing oral health issues to ensure all of our patients have happy, healthy smiles.

Our Services Overview

Comprehensive Care

Our passion is providing outstanding dental care and education to children of all ages and needs in our community.

Restorative Care

We offer fillings, crowns, and space maintenance for teeth that have cavities, are cracked or chipped, have fallen out and need room for adult teeth to grow, or have simply worn down naturally over time.

Sedation/Outpatient General Anesthesia Care

Our team is also equipped to offer sedation and anesthesia options to patients to ensure that they are comfortable during dental procedures.

Preventative Care

We believe the key to healthy smiles is prevention! Regular teeth cleanings go a long way towards maintaining your oral health.


Our team is well versed in handling extractions that have been damaged and needs to be removed.

Your Dental Home

Why Us?

Experienced Team

When you visit Children’s Dentistry of Coffee Creek, you know that you are receiving the highest quality of care from a team of doctors who specialize specifically in pediatric care.

Kid-Friendly Environment

Our first goal is always to set your child at ease. When you visit us, you’ll be welcomed by friendly staff who put the comfort and needs of your child above all else.

A Dental Home

We look forward to building relationships with all of our patients, creating a dental home for their entire adolescent life where they can receive the dental care they need from a team they know and trust.

24/7 Access to Emergency Care

We are part of the Central Oklahoma Pediatric dentists call group, which allows emergency coverage at all times.

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2800 N. Kelly Ave, Suite 200
Edmond, OK 73003